We Raise Funds For Dog Guides In Two Ways

1) Art In The Park Silent Auction – Aug 15,16,  2020

Many of our artists/artisans donate to our silent auction. All money raised during this auction goes to Dog Guides of Canada.
Last year, through generous donations from our artists, We were able to raise
$2,454.00 for Dog Guides of Canada.

2) Purina Dog Guides Walk

Uxbridge Walk for Dog Guides is going Virtual this year.  We welcome guides and their dogs, family and friends to support the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Program and join Team Uxbridge & District Lions.  The Virtual Dog Walk is Sunday, May 31st.

Go to www.walkfordogguides.com and join our Team.

Donations can be made directly from the website.  Early Bird prizes will be awarded if you join and donate to the Dog Guides Program by Friday, May 15th.

Ideas for ways to participate include:

Walk around the block, run on the treadmill at  home, dance in the living room, or jump on the trampoline, all while practicing physically distancing.

If you are interested in joining the team, go to www.walkfordogguides.com.

Click on “Join the Virtual Team.”  In the drop-down box, look for and click on “Uxbridge & District Lions.”  This opens up the window to donate.  Patrons pay to the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides.  To qualify for early bird prizes, donate by Friday, May 15th.  The national deadline to donate is Thursday, May 21st.

Lions Clubs, corporations and individual persons through their generous donations supply dogs (without cost) to persons needing them.
For more information on Dog Guides of Canada, Click Here:

May 28, 2017 was truly- to borrow from U2- a Beautiful Day here in Uxbridge. More than $6500 was raised today toward the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide Program. Over 20 guide dogs and owners gave of their time and donated,as well as obtained pledges, to take part in a 5km walk around our town to raise support for the guide dog program, the awesome training facility in Oakville and the wonderful foster families who give their time and love to these pups for one year to acclimatize them to ‘real world’ places like shopping malls and churches so they can then be trained to do the work they do so well. We learned from Sandy Turney of Dog Guides that there now are dogs trained to assist those with Type 1 Diabetes. A shout-out to Bob and Sue Armitage, personal friends of mine and the Uxbridge Lions, who have fostered 3 dogs in the past. Two families took part in the walk today with their autism-assist dog telling us how their lives have changed. One couple there has fostered 17 dogs in the past. WOOT WOOT!! Remember to come to Art in the Park 3rd Weekend in August, this summer at Elgin Park and support our Silent Auction: 100 % of the proceeds go to the Guide Dog Program.

Pet Valu Walk For Dog Guides